I am bummed that the weather inhibited us from going through with the performance today. I was really excited to see the other acts and how the production was going to come together. I know that, as a class, everyone worked extremely hard on this project. Even though we did not get to see it fully through, it was exciting to go through the experience of directing an act and learning more about how to put on a production.

Throughout the day, I stayed in contact with the OSHER participants and I made sure to email them and call everyone once I found out the production was cancelled. Everyone was a little sad that the weather turned out the way it did but they were understanding.

Today, I think we would have showed up with the OSHER participants at 3pm and gone through our act. We would have finalized any last minute blocking that needed fixing and made sure that everyone felt comfortable in the space and ready to preform! I believe that our group would have loved seeing the other acts and then would have been extremely excited to preform. During rehearsals, some participants were timid at times but I believe they would have really gotten into the performance and made it the best one yet! Ultimately, I think they all would have just had a great time today getting to see the performance as a whole and getting up on stage! I imagine there would have been lots of laughs and excitement. Overall, the JSP was a great experience and I was glad to have a chance to work with the OSHER participants.

Yesterday, was our last rehearsal! It it crazy that the end of the semester is here and we are only days away from the performance! Our OSHER participants have worked so hard this semester and I believe it shows! Yesterday, we were finally able to go over our part from start to finish because we almost had everyone there! We were missing two participants, but overall that is better attendance than we had in past rehearsals. It was great to finally be able to do our part start to finish to work out some issues with transitions in-between scenes and blocking. Our part is running about 17 minutes long which is great considering our script is fairly long due to not being able to cut out a lot of important content!

Yesterday, everything came together and a lot of the critiques/suggestions we had been giving the participants were fixed or worked on. Overall, our part looks great and I am so excited to see them perform on Friday. We decided that they will be arriving at 3pm on Friday because they would like to do one last rehearsal in the space. This will be good for seeing if we need to do any last minute changes to blocking or spacing due to the size of the stage.

Today was our second to last rehearsal. It is crazy that next week we will be doing the performance! Our OSHER participants have worked so hard and it is evident in their delivery and knowledge of their blocking. Today, we only had three people show up. This was a little bit of a surprise because the other participants had not communicated to me that they would not be there. We were hoping to be able to do a complete run through of our part but this was not possible due to people not showing up.

Due to low numbers of people, we practiced the scenes with the characters we had present. Since we had the time, we really went in depth with the scenes and made sure the participants were acting with emotion and completing their blocking. We tweaked a little bit of the blocking today to make sure they face the audience and are in the right position at the right time. We also talked about our opening scene and the emotions behind what Malcom and Macduff are saying. We had a conversation about the motives behind the words and how the lines should be delivered. Suggestions were made that the participants look up from their script when they are not speaking to stay engaged in the scene.

Next week, our hope to be able to do a complete run through of our part!

Today, we did not have rehearsal due to it being Thanksgiving week. Last week, we talked to our participants and many were going to be out of town so we decided to resume rehearsal next week. I sent out an email today reminding everyone we would not be meeting.

For next week, we will need to go over our part from start to finish. We have not done a full run through from start to finish with blocking. We will continue to work on the blocking. Seeing our part as a whole will help us figure out transitions and how the blocking looks as a whole. Hopefully, everyone can be present in order to see how the play looks as a whole!

Today we had both of our main characters present for the first time in three weeks! We were finally able to block our fight scene, which we had been putting off since participants had been absent. We spent most of practice today talking about the fight scene and seeing how it should be blocked. None of us have blocked a fight scene before, so it took some creativity and imagination! Juliana gave a great suggestion on how the scene should look and after trying the blocking it looked great! Everyone clapped once the scene was over because it looked so good! It is exiting to see the participants still engaged and excited to be at practice.

We did have a few missing people today, which is usual, so we were not able to do certain scenes. The rest of our practice was spent going over previous blocking and practicing the scenes with the actors we had present! I filled in lines for two characters which was fun! At the end of the rehearsal, we got into a discussion about how Shakespeare wrote his plays about history and how this one is about King James. They were very excited to talk more about this and get into a discussion on why Shakespeare writes the way he does. We talked more specifically about the representation of Lady Macbeth in the play and what Shakespeare was trying to say about women with her character. Hopefully, we will have more discussions like this in the future! We will not be meeting next week, because most of the participants are going to be out of town and they asked to skip next weeks rehearsal.

As with every practice we have had, there are always many moving parts. One of our leads was not there today, making blocking difficult. We have not had a practice where everyone is together, so we have not been able to see the blocking fully done. I am hoping that next week everyone will be at rehearsal, so we can practice it fully!

The participants were very enthusiastic when practicing the fight scene. Honestly, I was a little scared during it because they were getting very into it and I was afraid someone was going to get hurt. Thankfully, no one did. We spent todays rehearsal going through the play and blocking scenes we had not had a chance to get to last week. The main critiques we were able to give them is they need to work on moving around the stage and not standing still during a full scene.

At the end of rehearsal, the participants asked us if we are going to have a cast party at the end of the semester! It was so sweet that they want to get together to commemorate our experience! Another great and productive rehearsal as usual.

Yesterday we had a great practice. The participants were very excited to continue to block our acts. Our original plan for practice was to block the fight scene since this is the most complicated blocking we will do. Unfortunately, one our participants did not show up to practice for the second week in a row. This has significantly slowed down our blocking as this person has a main roll and is in the fight scene. I received communication from him and he is still planning on participating and hopefully he will be there next week so we can inform him of the blocking.

It was great to see the participants excited about their rolls and want to have input in the blocking of the scenes. Some made great suggestions on how to block scenes and where others should be standing. We blocked three of our scenes yesterday. We still have more scenes to go but I feel like we are in a good place with our rehearsals.

After rehearsal, a participant shared that she loves Shakespeare and has suggestions about characters based on her knowledge. I told her that we welcome any suggestions and she should feel free to share her comments during rehearsal with everyone! I am hoping that as time goes on the participants a continue to get more comfortable with acting and their rolls.

When practice was over yesterday, many were sad that it was already time to go! Looking forward to practice next week.

This week was a very exciting rehearsal! We finally have everyone casted and started to begin blocking and working on the acting of the scenes. We were missing a few people who had main rolls, so we had to fill in and read lines. This made it a little difficult to see how every scene would look because we did not have the characters acting their parts. Hopefully, we will have everyone at the next rehearsal and can see what a full run through of our part will look like!

One exciting part of having the OSHER participants, is that they want to have in depth discussions on the characters and what the motivations are behind what the character is saying. This makes rehearsal really fun because we can talk about what we have learned in class about Macbeth and then have discussions with the participants on what they think is going on in that scene. We were able to go into how you can ascend to the throne and why Malcom couldn’t kill Macbeth and become king. This discussion helped the participants understand what kind of emotion they should be putting into certain lines.

After doing a run through, OSHER participants like to receive feedback. The main critique  we were able to give them is they need to be louder and they cannot turn away from the audience. Rachel talked with them about how they can improve in these two areas!

This rehearsal was so fun because we started to use props and there was a sword fight! I cannot wait to see what happens next week when we (hopefully) have a full cast!

Today, we had our third practice with the OSHER participants. At the beginning of practice we needed to print our scripts because a few people didn’t have them. Technology was not on my side today. The printer ran out of paper and the computer was being slow. Thankfully the participants were patient while the scripts were bring printed!

We had a new participant join our group today which was exciting. We had casted last week though so it required us to do new casting today. I was impressed how everyone was willing to be accommodating. I feel as though I am getting a glimpse into theater on how there are always moving parts and you cannot expect things not to change. We have not had a week where participants having changed so I am excited to see if this is our final cast.

Today, we did a run through with everyone playing their parts. I was very impressed with their ability to get into character and put emotion into their parts. Many of them got very into their part and started working on their acting. Next time, we will start blocking. We gave them the homework of familiarizing themselves with their lines and thinking about what kind of emotion they want to put into their part.

At the end of practice, we started to discuss what kinds of props and costumes we would like to use. This will be an ongoing conversation we have as we keep on working with the script. Right now, we have decided on capes, drums, and trumpet among a few other things. Everyone always has lots of questions and it is great to see them excited about the project! I am looking forward to starting to block our act.

Between our first and second practice, we had two OSHER participants drop of of the program. We started off with 8 participants and now we are down to 6. At practice today, there were two people who were not able to come. Even with only four people, we were able to successfully cast the play. They asked our opinion in casting but we decided it would be better if they had parts they wanted to play! Everyone is playing two or more roles. I was worried that there would be multiple people who would want to play the same role or someone would feel slided in the part they received. Much to my surprise, all of the participants were very gracious and there wasn’t two people who wanted to play the same role. We have broken up a few of the parts into two people.

After casting, we read through the play with the everyone reading the lines to their parts. The reading went relatively smoothly. There were some who were better and more comfortable reading than others but as time goes on I am confident everyone will feel more comfortable reading their lines. We left them with the homework of going over their part and seeing how they would act the lines. We told them to think about what kind of emotion would be in the lines. Next week we will begin to start blocking and thinking more about costumes and props we would like!