Although computers may fail or get lost, you can take steps to make sure your important materials are not lost.  Law students at Richmond School of Law have access to tools for backing up data, including personal as well as class-related documents.

All Students, Faculty, and Staff have access to a Box drive that has unlimited storage capacity.  The caveat is when you leave the University, you will also need to move your data.  Students also have 10gb of storage in their University of Richmond Google accounts, which, along with your email account, is yours for life.  There are also a lot of other online storage options, including dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, and others.

A good backup practice that has been around a long time is known as the 3-2-1 Backup Rule.  In a nutshell, this rule suggests to have at least three copies of your data (your computer, in the Cloud, and on an external hard drive, for example), keep the backups on at least two different media (external hard drive, USB drive(s), Google Cloud, etc.), and store one backup copy off-site (keep your external hard drive back up at another location that your computer typically lives).

Need help?  Please visit the law school’s computer help desk and we will be happy to assist!


Helpful Tech Links

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Plan to Preserve Your Precious Data

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