Congratulations to Sarah Hornberger (Section B) and Kate Bauer (Section A), winners of the 1L BINGO challenge in the Law Library. Both were able to find the sixteen clues in our scavenger hunt in record time and will be awarded a $15 gift card to Passport cafe.  For reasons mysterious to the reference librarians, no submissions from Section C were received.

For those curious about our more obscure clues, read on:

sirrogerpayneghost(1) Sir Roger De Trumpington was a gift from Dean Thomas A. Edmonds. The framed picture is actually a rubbing of a brass grave marker in Cambridgeshire, England, not far from where our summer study abroad program takes place.

(2) James W. Payne Jr. has been nicknamed the “library ghost” by the students who work and study late in the Law Library. After his portrait was removed from the second floor during a renovation, a series of odd noises and flickering lights seemed to haunt the area. Professor Payne’s portrait has now been returned to the wall – you can find him near Tracy Cauthorn’s office on the second floor.


Law Library BINGO

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