After hours in the library poring over your casebooks without rest, you may have suffered one of the most common afflictions law students face. I’m talking, of course, of myalgic gluteal exhaustion (MGE), better known to the law school community as “butt fatigue.” We at the Law Library are dedicated to raising awareness and fighting butt fatigue by replacing our old chairs with the most cozy and comfortable ones we can find. But we can’t do it without your help.

Please stop by the Library to offer your feedback on a selection of sample chairs located in the lobby. We invite you to sit back for a while, study, have a bite. Then tell us your thoughts. Once you have tested our sample chairs, click here to rate your chair choices and voice your opinion before we make our final selection. Together we can put an end to the MGE epidemic. Together we can kick butt fatigue!

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LIBRARY RENOVATION – Chair Feedback Requested: Raising MGE Awareness

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