To keep the Law Library in the best condition possible and as quiet as possible, the Law Library staff asks you to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please use spill-proof containers for your beverages, like the Law Library mug that you received during orientation, bottles with caps, or other types of cup that have lids.
  • You are welcome to have a snack in the library, but please eat meals in the DownUnder, the Law School Commons, or another location outside the Law Library.
  • Please be quiet. Quiet voices may be used in the front area of the library, but users should be silent after passing through the glass doors, including in all carrel areas. Cell phones and pagers may not be used in the Law Library, including stairwells and common areas. All patrons should turn off the ring feature on their cell phones and pagers when entering the library so the noise does not disturb other users. If a call is received, please take the call outside the library.
  • Proper disposal of food and drink litter is essential. Please place these items in appropriate trash cans or recycling bins. If an accident such as a spill does occur, notify a staff member immediately so that we can get the liquid or stain cleaned. Keep only sealed food items in your carrel or else…


Please be courteous to your fellow students and library users and follow these policies. Thank you for your cooperation.

Keep your carrels clean!

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