Quimbee has disabled domain authentication as of 10/01/2021. If you’re experiencing a lapse in access, please contact Sam Cabo (scabo@richmond.edu). To restore your account, you will need to join the “University of Richmond School of Law” Quimbee group via electronic invitation.

If you have/had an existing Quimbee account, you still need to accept the invitation to the UR Law Group to restore your access. After you open your invitation, choose, “Log in with existing account” at the bottom of the page and complete the log in process. Your account will be authenticated once you’re logged in; you won’t receive a formal confirmation that your account has been linked.

If you do/did not have a Quimbee account, open your invitation and complete your registration:

  1. Enter your information; you MUST use your @richmond.edu email account
  2. Click, “Join Quimbee”

You’ll be directed to your new Quimbee dashboard and will receive an email confirming your registration. If you have an existing account, the system will NOT let you create a second account with your UR Law email address. Return to your invitation and repeat the process outlined above for existing users. You may need to use the, “Forgot password?” option on the log in screen.

Quimbee is a study aid that provides short overview videos, multiple-choice questions and several types of self-paced learning tools, including content for all 1L as well as many upper-level subject areas. Here is a tutorial you can use to help optimize your use of Quimbee and other study resources.

Issues with Quimbee? You may need to update your account!

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