Trying to keep up with legal and political news is especially overwhelming right now. We’re here to help! Here are some reliable resources to help understand what’s going on in national politics.

Impeachment: News

Today, the United States House of Representatives is considering a resolution to impeach President Donald Trump. You can watch Congressional proceedings on the House and Senate floors on and, respectively.


C-SPAN is another good source for direct, uneditorialized information about what’s going on in national politics. C-SPAN’s Congressional Chronicle focuses on content from Congress.

The Wall Street Journal Politics section (log-in with your UR ID for full access) is also covering today’s events.

Impeachment: Legal Considerations

The Law Library of Congress publishes Impeachment: A bibliography of Federal Law Sources in the Law Library of Congress. This bibliography contains extensive information about the legal dimensions of impeachment, including primary sources of law, secondary sources and commentary, and guides to governing House and Senate procedure.

The Muse Law Library has an in-house Impeachment Resources Guide. Our guide links to additional Library resources to learn more about impeachment and excerpts from important texts.

For additional in-depth analysis of the legal dimensions of impeachment, see:

CRS Legal Sidebar, Impeachment Investigations: Law and Process (October 2019). 

CRS Report, Impeachment and the Constitution (November 2019).


If you’re looking for additional resources on a specific aspect of this issue or need help vetting a resource, your reference and research librarians are available to help. Email to reach our team.

Stay Up-to-Date: Impeachment Proceedings and Resources

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