Do you subscribe to listservs? Do you receive daily emails that would better be managed in their own folders?  Create a rule that moves inbox emails to designated folders without your intervention.


Box 1


Open Outlook.  Click the “File” tab, and click “Manage Rules & Alerts” on the right hand side.




Box 2

Click New Rule.






Box 3


In Step 1, ensure “Move messages from someone to a folder” is highlighted.

In Step 2, click the “people or public group” link.








In this example, we are filtering emails generated from Box.  In the From field, type  Click OK.

Box 3


Click on the link that says “specified” in Step 2









Choose a folder you would like these emails filtered to, OR click “New” to create a new folder.  In this example, we are creating a new folder called Box.  Click OK.  Click Next.  Then Click Finished.









You will see your rule created.  If you would like to run the rule on your inbox now, click “Run Rules Now …” In this example, any emails that have been received from Box will be moved to the designated location.  When you are finished, click Apply, then OK.














Create RULES to Filter Inbox Emails in Outlook (Windows)

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