What is Kanopy?
Kanopy is an online video streaming platform that offers on-demand access to thousands of documentaries, independent films, world cinema, and tv series.

What kinds of things do they have available to watch?
See for yourself! Kanopy’s selection is available to browse and search without even signing up. Their user-friendly search engine allows you to enter a keyword, phrase, or category and quickly populates a vast array of relevant video content, on-demand. Try searching “Pandemic,” “Black Lives Matter,” or “Pride” and see what their collection has to offer.

Is Kanopy free to use?
For anyone with an active “_______@richmond.edu” email address, yes!

How do I create my account?
1. Go to www.kanopy.com/signup and select “Find Your University.”
2. Then, follow the on-screen prompts to create your account.
Note: You will be required to verify your email address to activate your account.
Click Here For Detailed Instructions On Creating Your Account

How can I stream Kanopy?
Kanopy can be streamed via computer web browsers, mobile apps, smart TVs, and more.
Click Here For A Full List Ways To Watch With Compatible Mobile & TV Apps

Are there any other streaming platforms that the University provides access to?
Yes! Click Here For A Full List Of Streaming Services Available Through The University

Access to Online Video Streaming Service – Kanopy

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