A FAQ every May is “Can I use my law school account in my summer job?”  The answer is “It depends.”  It depends on which system you want to use and who your employer is.  Each system has a different set of rules governing summer access.

Bloomberg Law is the most flexible.  They allow unlimited access in any employment setting.

Lexis is equally flexible.   You have unlimited access in any employment setting.

Westlaw is very restrictive.  You can only use your Westlaw account if you have an unpaid position with an non-profit, non-governmental entity.  If you are receiving a summer stipend from the law school the position does not count as unpaid. In addition, you can only use your account for 30 hours per month.

A caveat though – even if you are allowed by the provider to use your law school account, do NOT do so without permission of your employer.  If your employer is billing the client for online research, they may prefer you to use the firm accounts.

If your employer is a UR law school faculty member – you can freely use your law school accounts.  You can also use your accounts for your own personal research, researching a law review case note, or getting a jump-start on an independent study slated for the fall.  *Westlaw will still limit you to 30 hours per month.


Summer Access to Bloomberg Law, Lexis, and Westlaw

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