As finals approach, please be mindful to steer clear of behavior that may distract students who are studying or taking exams in library spaces. Being considerate of the issues below helps us maintain a productive work environment for our whole community.

Conversations—including those conversations at tables and chairs and in the lobby—should be kept to a quiet level in order to avoid disturbing fellow patrons.  All carrel and stack portions of the library are quiet zones; please do not talk in these areas.

Smoking and the use of any other tobacco is prohibited in all areas of the library. This includes electronic cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and related products.

Covered beverages are permitted in the library, as well as “snack-type” foods.  Individual as well as group meals should be consumed in areas outside of the library.

Small Appliances
Small appliances, such as coffee makers, are not permitted in library carrels.

Cell Phones
Cell phones may not be used in the open areas of the Law Library. All patrons should turn off the ring feature on their cellular phones when entering the library. Please visit the “phone pod” room on the second floor to make calls without disturbing others in the library.  Please begin and end calls in this room, as the surrounding areas are meant for quiet study.

For more information, see the Library Policies page.


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