This summer we moved a few book collections so they’re easier to browse and access.  A few members of the library team also are in new office locations.

Our Mindfulness Collection has many resources to help explore stress reduction and developing habits of reflection.  You can find it next to the doors as you pass into the quiet space in the library’s first floor.

We also now feature a selection of new books is a new book display, to the right of the main first floor entrance.  Here you can discover our latest treasures and answer the age-old question: “Can I judge a book by its cover?” Whether you’re thinking of a law firm of the future, interested in Oliver Wendell Holmes, or simply intrigued by a title like “Troublemakers,”  we’ve got books for you to use.  Please check them out.  Literally.


Finally, a few people are in new locations.  Associate Dean Skalbeck’s office is down the hallway to the right as you enter the first floor, past the Richmond and space travel posters.  Within the technology team, Paul Birch and Mason Ramsey have new office spaces on the first floor. We’ve got the same

Library Space Update

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