You may have heard…Quimbee is here! The law library now provides access to Quimbee for all law students. This service provides short overview videos, multiple-choice questions and several types of self-paced learning tools, including content for all 1L as well as many upper-level subject areas.

To sign up using our account, follow this link and be sure to use your Richmond email.

After you sign up, Quimbee will send you an activation email. Click the link to confirm your account and start studying.

Remember: While briefs and outlines might be tempting you should always create your own. Commercially available briefs and outlines DO NOT always cover the same material that your professor does, and they definitely don’t cover it in the same way.

If you already have a Quimbee account, or had one previously, contact Quimbee directly at so that they can add you to the school’s account for free.

Quimbee is Here!

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