We’re pretty lucky that the area surrounding the UR campus has such diverse dining options.  Just minutes from here, you’ll find several Vietnamese restaurants, Chinese Dim Sum, a Salvadoran Pupuseria, a Thai restaurant , three Balkan restaurants, Sushi restaurants, and much more!

Sure, we have pretty much everything we could desire here on campus, but it can be fun and refreshing to explore off-campus too. If you’re totally burned out on studying, or writing, or whatever task keeps you in your office or carrel for hours on end,  grab a few friends and check out a new local restaurant that serves a style of food you might never have tasted before!

Years ago, when I worked in Midtown Manhattan, I used to love going to  new restaurants on my lunch break.  There are lots of Indian Restaurants in that part of NYC (sometimes referred to as Curry Hill) and Korea Town isn’t too far from there either.  I was spoiled and took every opportunity to explore the neighborhoods on my way to and from work every day.  Now I’m living in Richmond, working at University of Richmond, and I’m always amazed (and grateful) to know how many international restaurants there are so close to campus.

(When I say “International”, I mean restaurants specializing in food from countries other than the U.S.)

In this post, I hope to simply share a few of the “international” restaurants that are, at the most, 5-10 minutes drive from campus.  (All you need is a car, or a ride-share app. – and remember, many places will also deliver to campus )

This is by no means a complete list — only a selection of what the surrounding area has to offer in terms of international cuisine.  One thing i’ve learned over the years is that you can learn a lot about different cultures simply by trying the food (and listening to the music) of a particular country.  It’s a fun way to explore the world without actually getting on a plane.  Richmond is filled with people from all over the world, and most have brought the amazing food of their homeland with them. Open your mind and give it a try!  You might find something you really, really like.

Feel free to comment below this post if I’m missing any good ones! And do check the links I’ve included below for reviews, hours and location before you make plans.. there are several on this list that I haven’t actually been to yet.


  1.  Full Kee – best Dim Sum in town!
  2.  Tiki Tiki – Chinese & Polynesian  (a little further out – on Patterson)


  1.  Pho Tay Do
  2.  Pho Tien Phat
  3.  Saigon Pho and Grill
  4.   Vietnam One
  5.  Catina (Vietnamese Banh Mi shop)
  6.  Mekong (with “the Answer” Brewpub in the back, and a huge beer selection)

Balkan Food:

  1.   Bosna Market and Restaurant — Bosnian cuisine
  2.   Balkan Restaurant    (a little further out – on Patterson)
  3.   European Taste — Romanian and Hungarian cuisine.  (a little further out – on Patterson)

Thai / Lao Food:

  1.  Chadar Thai

Mediterranean Food:

  1.   Mediterranean Bakery and Deli  (menu here)   (a little further out – on Quioccasin Rd)
  2.   Pegasus Richmond
  3.   The Crazy Greek
  4.   Greek Cuisine West End

Latin food:

  1.   El Rey  market and restaurant (Salvadoran, Mexican) — great Pupusas and other spicy entrees- super cheap, and you can watch telenovelas while you eat!
  2. La Cabana (small taco place on Broad)
  3.   Cielito Lindo aka El Jardin market and restaurant (Salvadoran, Mexican, and Peruvian food)
  4.     Mariscos El Barco (Estilo Nayarita) – Mexican (Nayarit) style SEAFOOD place that just opened off Horsepen.  Havent tried it but I plan to.


  1.  Jing Sushi (aka Mai Sushi)
  2.   Tokyo (not your average) Joe
  3.   Osaka Sushi and Steak (a little more pricey, upscale.. but another good sushi option!)

And, a little off topic…  has anyone tried Sparrow’s Pizza?   I’m curious. It’s very close and has gotten some great reviews.


OK, that’s my list .. If you go to any of these places, let me know how it was!
And if I missed anything good, please share with me!

Exciting International dining options close to campus!

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