Welcome to Getting to Know You, where we interview a member of our Muse Law Library staff. In this post we’re getting to know Mason Ramsey, Technology Services Specialist.

Describe your academic and professional history.

I did an internship in college at the Digital Education Collaborative at Longwood University as a Instructional technology Collaborator.


What brought you to Richmond?

Born and raised in Glen Allen, Virginia and now currently lives in Lakeside, Virginia.


Why you enjoy your work?

I love supporting the goals that the students and faculty have here in law school as well as the faculty. I like to feel as though I help contribute to the success of the law school and I enjoy seeing it grow.


What you’d like to bring to the law school/library?

I’d like to see some technological advances such as study spaces and improvements to our classroom configurations.


How would you describe your current work here to other people who don’t know anything about what goes on in a law school library?

I support all things technology and and and sort of technology initiatives that the faculty/ staff have.


What’s been your most memorable day working here?

I think my most monumental date will be when I see my first 1L class make it through their 3L year and go on to graduate. I have seen a number of them grow up and become excellent students with passion for their respective areas of law.


Tell us something most of your coworkers don’t know about you.

I used to be a spring board diving coach and a “manny” during my summers in college.


What’s your favorite spot on the UR campus? 

Our tailgating spot that my family sets up every home Spider football game. My sister and brother-in-law are spider graduates as well as many other family members so I enjoy spending time with them on game day.


What’s the best vacation you ever took?

Spent a month abroad in Nepal where I studied the educational system in Khatmandhu and the surrounding towns.


What’s your favorite recipe?

Mississippi Roast over mashed potatoes


What would your perfect day look like?

Sitting on a beach with a Corona in my hand spending time with family and friends on a beach in Key West. 


When was the last time you climbed a tree?

This past fall. I had to climb a tree to install my tree stand for the upcoming deer hunting season.

Interview with Mason Ramsey, Technology Services Specialist

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