Yearly, the University partners with a local e-waste collector to assist students, faculty, and staff in disposing of their electronic waste in a safe way.  It is estimated that only 29% of global e-waste is handled via the accepted best practice recycling channels.

What is “electronic waste?”  Essentially, if it has a cord, it can be considered e-waste.  Got an old DVD player in the closet?  Get rid of it the safe way.  Old cell phones?  The University can take it off of your hands on March 20.  Are you able to load that brick of an old TV into your car?  Able-bodied folks will be on hand to unload it from your trunk and into a container to ease your conscience to dispose of it the correct way.

The University partners will be available to take the e-waste off of your hands from 8:00 am until 2:00 pm in parking lot C66 (parking lot across from the Football field)

For more information, contact the University’s sustainability office at

Recycle your e-waste – March 20 ONLY

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