No, not in *A* box, but in  All Faculty, Students, and Staff have unlimited storage.  Although there are many benefits to using Box (look for future blog posts about them), today we’re talking about version control, accidental over-writing a file, and recovering corrupted files.

box2If you have a file stored in box, it automatically saves the last version you worked on.  In fact, it will save up to 100 versions before the oldest versions delete.  Say you’re working on a document with other people.  You can set up a folder and have all editors associate with the file in that folder.  Whenever anyone updates the file, you will see a version count for that file.  As an example, you’ll see this spreadsheet has been updated 77 times.

box3If the current version of the file is incorrect, has corrupted, or data has been deleted and saved accidentally, you simply click the version number and can scroll to another version and make that one the current one.

So – keep your files in Box.  And work on the files in Box.  You’ll thank us later!



Keep Your Files Safe In Box

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