Very few documents are finished with the first draft.  In fact, documents created in the legal world often improve with multiple editors and input from a critical audience.  The question is how do you manage this input, and what are the potential impacts on collaborative editing?  Within Microsoft Word, there are great features to track edits and collect and sort input from multiple people.

These tools are found in the “track changes” and review features of Microsoft Word.  It’s great to navigate these and find opportunities to integrate them into law school as well as legal practice work.

Following are some resources on learning Word and collaboration features, such as tracking changes as the document review features.

editing photo provides hundreds of self-paced tutorials, videos and lessons to learn technical concepts and software tools.

This content is developed by experts in the field. Each lesson has a suggested completion time, an overview of topics covered, and often example files.  You can learn a broad concept or search by key word to find answers to specific questions.  This resource is available to all members of the Richmond community.

Example Lessons and Other Resources

Here are some sample lessons and related resources to explore:

Focus on UR Wellbeing: Tech Skills Workshops

The law library provides tech skills workshops to provide students hands on experience in practical technology areas. We welcome feedback on the workshops and blog posts.


Document Review and Collaboration: Track Changes and Beyond

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