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Did you know that you can automatically move some email directly into a folder without having to manage it within your inbox?  Would you prefer to move, say, emails from Kim Edwards out of your inbox and into a separate folder?  Although we may not be able opt out of receiving those emails, we can decide how to manage them once we receive them.

To create a filter in Gmail:




Log into your Gmail account.  Click the “gear” icon on the right hand side and click “Settings”






Click the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab and then click “Create a new filter”




In the “Filter From” field, type the email address you would like to filter.  For demonstration purposes, we will filter Kim Edwards (email address is  Click “Create filter with this search.”






Check the box that says “Apply the label:” and click the drop down menu beside it.  Click “New Label” and type “Spiderbytes”.  Click “Create filter.”






You can edit or delete the filter at any time.

Students – Keep Your Email Organized With Filter Rules

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