Not too long ago, use of cell phones was prohibited everywhere in the Law Library… and that made it sort of difficult if you were expecting an important call from a potential employer, or any number of other reasons to make a phone call.

After reading your feedback on last year’s Library Survey, we decided that we needed a solution for this problem.

(drum roll please..)

Presenting:  PHONE PODS!

The phone pods can be found on the newly renovated Second Floor study area. They’re sound proof, and there are wireless access points in the ceiling nearby, so you should get perfect reception, and privacy – without having to leave the library to make that important phone call!   (Phone not included — use your own!)

special thanks to Molly Lentz-Meyer (Digital & Archival Collections Librarian) & Mason Ramsey ( Law Library Computer Services Associate) for modeling the pods in style!

Phone Pods!

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