Ah – Fall is in the air.  Midterms are over; you and your peers are gearing up for Final exams.  We can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel and then, nothing prints.  Nothing.  You resolved all those silly printer problems earlier in the semester, so what’s going on?  No more print credits.  That’s what’s going on.

To verify your print credit balance, click here.  Out of credits?  Here’s how you add more to your account.

  • Log into Bannerweb and click on Onecard Services
  • Click Buy Print Credits






  • Put money on your spider card by clicking Add Money To Your Account Here – follow the instructions





  • Once you have the money added to your account, go back to Onecard Services and click Buy Print Credits again.  You’ll see you have funds on your Spidercard.









  • Enter the number of credits you’d like to purchase.  CREDITS ARE 5 CENTS EACH.  $5 will buy you 100, $10 will buy you 200, etc.  MAKE SURE LAW SCHOOL IS SELECTED – don’t inadvertently purchase credits for another part of campus.

Questions?  Problems?  Please visit the Computer Help Desk.

It’s that most, wonderful time of the year ….

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