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Introduction (Word Count: 633)

This blog reflects the overall essay process throughout my First Year Seminar course.  At the beginning of the semester when Dr. Bezio explained that each stage would be built off of the previous one I was extremely concerned.  To me this meant that if my first paper was bad then the rest of my papers were doomed to be bad as well.  Fearful that I would write about a boring topic and do poorly on my paper I put a lot of effort into thinking about a subject that I was interested in that I would have a lot to say about.  For this reason I ended up writing my stage 1 paper on child soldiers and the fulfillment of their needs through Maslow’s hierarchy.  I really enjoyed writing this paper, as I found it interesting to realize that in the child soldiers’ attempt to meet their needs, they were perpetuating the deterioration of their own society, creating a vicious cycle of violence and poverty.  In my stage 2 paper I decided to continue with the issue of child soldiers but include concepts of Game Theory, and compared the problems of child soldiers with The Hunger Games.  In this paper I still focused on child soldiers and Maslow’s hierarchy, however I proposed a solution to the issue that was portrayed in The Hunger Games.  While reading the book I came to the realization that through media we can raise awareness about this issue.  I also discussed the criticisms of the violence depicted in The Hunger Games, and how Collins’ may be hinting that our societies willingness to bash violence in a novel should be used with the same passion and drive to resolve issues of violence in our world today.  This conclusion is one solution of of the many on the topic of children in violence, and unfortunately I do not have all the answers to current global issues, so I thought it was best to come up with a new essay topic.  My final paper discusses fairy tales and the influence it has on children in society.  This paper was a lot less depressing than my previous two, and I found it extremely fun to analyze fairy tales that I once loved as a child.  My stage 3 paper concludes that fairy tales have been revised and retold over time, either through literature or film, to match the current values of the society.  In this way the social norms and values of that time period are being projected onto young children during the critical stages of child development.  Through my analysis of the original fairy tales of “Little Snow White” and “The Little Mermaid,” and the more recent films The Little Mermaid and Brave I illustrate the changing female expectations in society through the depiction of the princesses.  Overall I have found in my analysis that gender portrayal has greatly improved over time, matching the advancing values and roles women now have in current society because of the feminist movements that have taken and are currently taking place.  I am extremely pleased with how my final paper turned out and hope you enjoy reading it!

This course has been challenging but extremely beneficial.  My writing skills have greatly improved, as well as my ability to analyze films and texts.  The conversations we’ve had have been very intriguing and I felt I always had something to say about them.  Although some discussions left me with unanswered questions I always enjoyed participating and understanding how my peers felt about certain topics.  I can also proudly say this course has improved my video game skills!  This semester has flown by and there are many aspects of this course that I will be taking with me and applying into future classes at the University of Richmond.