Topic and Outline of Final Paper

The topic I chose in relationship to a dystopian society is totalitarian governmental control over its citizens. Throughout history totalitarian structures have been present in the real and fictional world. My Final Stage paper will incorporate the totalitarian governments of the Soviet Union following World War II, as well as, Nazi Germany during World War II. I will also use the fictional sources 1984 and The Hunger Games to examine how totalitarian structures are able to control their citizens.

Outline for Final Paper

1. Introduction- totalitarian governments control citizens rights and take away humanity

2. Background information on novels

3. Compare fictional works (1984 and Hunger Games) to historical events (USSR and Germany). Relate the control the governments had. Influence they had.

4. Propaganda- How totalitarian structures used sources of influence in order to control their citizens actions and thoughts.

5. Housing conditions- governments made living a struggle. Explain how this caused the citizens to worry about themselves over paying attention to government activity.

6. Lack of Food- governments rationing and creating difficulty for citizens to be properly fed caused citizens to fend for themselves and worried about surviving versus revolting against the governments restrictions.

7. Work Ethic- Compare and Contrast how some governments made their citizens work extremely hard to barely survive versus other governments making sure their citizens did not work to hard in order to gain intelligence

8. Literary Criticisms-

9- Conclusion- examine how government oppression can be surpassed as long as citizens work hard for their personal beliefs

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