After surviving my first semester of college, I have come to realize it is as hard as everyone said coming to the University of Richmond would be. Looking back at this course, FYS: Dystopia, Revolution, and Leadership it has helped me create the realization of the level of expectation for my future writing experiences.

This WordPress blog is the account of my work over this first semester. It consists of three different stages of the writing process: Stage One, an analysis paper on a dystopian issue present or formerly present in the real world. Stage Two, an integration paper mixing historical information with a fictional dystopian work. Lastly, the Final Paper, a comparative research paper comparing two or more fictional works with a real-life dystopian issue.

My Stage One paper started on the difference in culture of a totalitarian government, Soviet Union and a capitalist government, the United States. Following that paper I altered my topic of dystopia more towards the totalitarian government issue. For Stage Two I integrated 1984, by George Orwell with Soviet Russia. I was able to argue that totalitarian governments caused their citizens to lose all basic human rights. My argument, however, was still quite vague and needed more definition and narrowness. My Final Paper was a research paper about how totalitarian governments in 1984, by George Orwell and The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins oppressed their citizens. I argued how the only way for citizens of such government rule to persevere through the oppression was to retain their beliefs and their humanity (free thought and drive).

After reading the novels 1984, The Road, and The Hunger Games, as well as, watching the films, V for Vendetta and Watchmen and the video game, Bioshock I began to realize the common theme of dystopia in our world. In a society where we go to school, work for ourselves, and make our own decisions it seems impossible for a world to exist where those decisions are made for you by the government or an authoritarian power. They are such obvious necessities for our lives that we take them for granted when in fact, there are situations around the world, currently and formerly where people were unable to make life decisions for themselves.

Through my research of dystopian societies, more so the totalitarian based societies I have been able to realize how important power is in mankind. The reason all totalitarian systems are capable of retaining power is due to their superior control of power.

Power is not something that someone can own. Power is a noun, yet power is not an animate object. Through my research and time in class this first semester, power is relevant in every society, in every person, in every possible situation.

My blog is a construction of my written and thought work throughout the process of this writing experience. This blog contains most of my writing throughout the semester minus some extra drafts and outlines. For the most part, all of my ideas about dystopia are influenced in to my writing. This class has given me another view of the world, the view of what the world will look like if it got flipped inside out.