Grace Kelly: A Friend Indeed

By Rick Hutchins Movie stars and royalty are often considered heroes by those who find inspiration in their talent, perseverance, generosity and leadership. In those terms, Grace Patricia Kelly, who won an Academy Award at age twenty-four and became Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco at age twenty-six is twice a hero. However, the … Continue reading Grace Kelly: A Friend Indeed

Reel Heroes & Villains

What makes a good movie hero? Which kinds of villains are the best — or the worst? In Reel Heroes & Villains, Scott Allison and Greg Smith present a new way of understanding movie heroes and villains. This book is already an Amazon Number One Best Seller. Inside this book you’ll find: A new innovative … Continue reading Reel Heroes & Villains

Christopher Lee: Heroic Prince of Darkness

By Rick Hutchins On the silver screen, he was best known for portraying an evil that brought terror to the hearts of the innocent and the brave. For his artistry, he was knighted by Prince Charles of England. In reality, in the darkest decade in living memory, he fought the greatest evil mankind has ever … Continue reading Christopher Lee: Heroic Prince of Darkness

Deborah Sampson: A Patriot By Any Other Name

By Rick Hutchins Freedom and independence were matters of conviction for the soldiers of the Continental Army who fought and won the American Revolution. For Deborah Sampson, that conviction ran deeper than most and her war was fought on two fronts. Her victories speak across the centuries and have no less meaning in the modern … Continue reading Deborah Sampson: A Patriot By Any Other Name

The Greatest Power

By Rick Hutchins If you had the choice of any super power, which would you choose? This question is asked frequently at dinner parties, in coffee houses, on Internet community forums and on personality tests. It’s always interesting and revealing to hear how each person would take advantage of one chance to make an exception … Continue reading The Greatest Power

Sidney Poitier: Quiet Revolutionary

© 2013 Rick Hutchins The word revolution suggests noise. People will do a lot to draw attention to their cause; yelling and shouting is usually the least of it. But some revolutions happen quietly, peacefully, inevitably. All Sidney Poitier had to do to change the world was to be Sidney Poitier. His humble beginnings did … Continue reading Sidney Poitier: Quiet Revolutionary