Muhammad Ali: The Odyssey of a Heroic Champion

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11 thoughts on “Muhammad Ali: The Odyssey of a Heroic Champion

  1. Ali’s athletic achievements are enough to allow him to be considered a sports hero to many, but it is his dedication to his beliefs that allows him to be more than a boxing icon. Ali’s objection to the war was well-documented, but in not participating in it and going to jail, he was giving up years of his prime, money, and more championships. The fact that he accepted this punishment to stand up for what he believed in makes him a true hero.

  2. I agree with Jack Thomas. Ali could have gone to Canada like many other conscientious objectors did, but he was willing to go to jail to make his point; and he took his fight to the highest court in the land and won. This earned him a huge amount of respect in my book.

    Also, he can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. 8)

  3. Muhammad Ali has undoubtedly gone down as one of the greatest athletes ever. He was a feared competitor in the ring with a swagger like no other. He was cocky but had the right to be. However, i never knew much about his life outside the ring. For him to be imprisoned for what he believes is truly heroic, especially since it was in the prime of his career.

  4. Muhammad Ali is a hero to many in the boxing world. Being one of the best boxers to ever enter that violent sport. Even though he is feeling the effects now, he we always be known as the best and one who was nearly unbeatable. It will be hard to match Alis speed.

  5. Ali reminds me of Big Iron somewhat, in the sense that, at first, people didn’t know what to think of him. His bragging and differences in the public’s eyes made the public unsure whether he was a hero or a villain. His greatness in and out of the ring was recognized eventually however and he has fortunately been embraced as a hero.

  6. Muhammad Ali is one of my heroes no only because of what he did in the ring but mostly becuase of what he did outside of it. He is the best boxer to ever enter the ring and is one of the greatest athletes to ever play a sport. He is and should always be look at as a hero.

  7. Muhammad Ali has clearly ironed himself into history for not only his incredible boxing talent and charisma but also his great moral courage for standing up for what he believed in. Knowing that he could lose everything he had built for himself in the boxing world by standing behind his beliefs is an extraordinary act or heroism and commitment. Ali will forever go down as a hero for what he accomplished both in and out of the ring.

  8. As a long time athlete and avid sports fan I have naturally idolized the charisma and ability of Muhammed Ali for as long as I can remember. Ali’s undeniable confidence seems to be contagious and leaves a spectator itching for the raw talent and cocky-ness that exists in Ali. As a truly monumental African American boxer and athlete, Ali will always be viewed as a hero for his talent, strength and charisma.

  9. I have always heard about Ali and his great fighting ability within the boxing ring. However, I never knew how influential he was outside of the ring as well. I had no idea that he went to the Supreme Court in defense of his heritage and customs or that he was so nationally and internationally recognized. He fought against many odds but was still able to come out on top. He is truly a hero.

  10. Muhammad Ali is one of the few sports figures who has inspired so many people in so many different contexts. What I like most about Ali is that he was able to turn sport into something more than just entertainment; he portrayed boxing as a cultural event with the power to change social values. His physical prowess, strong adherence to his values and beliefs and humanitarian endeavors certainly make him a hero in my book.

  11. A couple of years back, this program I was in took us on an excursion to see a play about the life of Muhammad Ali. I have a better appreciation for what he did in life and for his accomplishments. He is truly a hero and I am glad to read more about him.

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