Fred Rogers: Love, Wisdom, and Compassion For All Ages

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

8 thoughts on “Fred Rogers: Love, Wisdom, and Compassion For All Ages

  1. I remember watching this show as a child with my two brothers. While I didn’t always follow it, I watched enough episodes to realize that Mr. Rodgers was truly special person. He was an exceptional man who no doubt influenced the lives of not only children, but many more as well through his teachings of caring, selflessness, and friendship. I find it truly remarkable that he took time out of his busy schedule to write a handwritten letter back to the woman mentioned in the post. I believe that actions like those truly epitomize Mr. Rodgers and the values that he lived by from day to day.

  2. Mister Rogers has a zen quality about him, a feeling of inner peace and serenity, that I admire and do my best to emulate. What he did seemed simple, and simplistic, but deceptively so; it’s far from easy to nurture the seeds of civilization among the noise of barbarism. This was a great tribute to a gentle man with a giant heart, Scotty and George. 🙂

  3. Everyone knows Mr. Rodgers regardless of if they had seen the show before and for theives to have returned his car is saying something about him. He is a hero to the small children and was a great voice to hear on the TV. He was a hero and wakeup call to society warning it of its inevitable downfall. Sadly television is not improving as time goes on.

  4. Mr. Rogers is definitely a hero, and one whose legacy, I believe, will live on for years to come. Not only did this man accomplish the feat of having a top rated kids show for over 30 years, but he did so, while changing society for the better. He created a show that meant something, and in the process he became a key Transitional Hero for generations of children. Mr. Rogers has helped young children develop morals and learn right from wrong, at a crucial stage in their developmental process, and for that Mr. Rogers certainly deserves to be recognized.

  5. Mr. Rogers was the epitome of compassion and grace, both on and off the screen. He worked hard to bring joy to all those who watched his show and to urge us all to always find the best in others. His selflessness, kindness, compassion and humility enriched so many lives across the globe and made him a true hero.

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