Go Ahead, Make My Day: Clint Eastwood as Contemporary Hero

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— Scott Allison and George Goethals

5 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Make My Day: Clint Eastwood as Contemporary Hero

  1. I love this blog. Clint Eastwood is one of my favorite actors and I agree completely that he is one of film’s and Hollywood’s greatest assets and talents both as an actor and visionary. What I love most about Clint Eastwood that makes him a film hero in my mind is how ageless he is. He has old westerns that the younger crowd might find boring but at the same time captivated the same young crowd with his newer films such as Gran Torino.

  2. Well, guys, you made my day with this bioblog. Clint has demonstrated over and over again how to go your own way and damn the torpedoes. He, along with Woody Allen, is probably one of the most economical Directors ever. He learned his production lessons well back in his Rawhide and Spaghetti western days. One other thing to mention is his wonderful musicianship. He scores many of his own films, even composing some of the music, and is a very accomplished Jazzy pianist. Thanks for the treat, now I’ve got to get to the gym and work on preserving my aging body.

  3. Well, I have to admit that I’ve snickered a lot at Clint Eastwood over the years for all the juvenile posturing in many of his films, the Dirty Harry ones in particular. However, he has also done some quality work; Play Misty For Me and High Plains Drifter, for example, were very good. I haven’t seen his more recent films, but I’ve heard good things about them, especially Mystic River.

    I have no problem with him being a hero in the film industry, as he has certainly had a successful career that went beyond the boundaries of his stereotype. Unfortunately, I think his image as a hero among the general population is based on those movies that glorify violence and vigilantism.

  4. I truly enjoyed this blog and found myself reminiscing on my favorite lines and Clint Eastwood moments before writing this response. I agree with the previous posters in that Eastwood may be viewed as a hero in his roles as an actor and his presence in the film industry but I completely agree with the third post in that a simple domination of the film industry is a qualification for a true hero. In other words, a hero on the silver screen is by no means a hero in everyday life. Based on this blog, Eastwood does not provide me with any evidence to admire or revere him as a human being for anything other than his talent in the film industry. Although I truly love most all Eastwood movies and found this blog entertaining, I respectfully disagree with the statement that he is a modern day celebrity hero.

  5. Clint Eastwood is by far one of my favorite actors/directors. It is amazing to see such an old man still so involved in the film industry as I believe his best work is still yet to come. His transformation into a director is one that shows how much he has matured over the years both mentally and physically. I found this blog post very entertaining as I love all of his work.

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