Why I am taking Maps & Geovisualization

My name is Makenzie Parent and I am a senior majoring in Finance and Accounting from Northern Virginia. I am sad to be graduating this year, but also excited for the next chapter in my life. This summer I will be interning at Deloitte then attending graduate school in DC next fall to get my masters in accounting. A little bit about me- I love hiking and going to the movies with my family, I studied abroad in Budapest, Hungary last fall, and I am obsessed with my dog Brogie who we rescued two summers ago. Last semester I became aware that I still need one credit outside of the business school to meet my graduation requirements. After scrolling through bannerweb I was able to narrow down a few courses based on my schedule and level of interest in the subject. One of my friends, who is a geography major, said she thought this class would be interesting so I decided to register for it.  I never thought I would be taking a class related to maps and geography, however I do enjoy venturing outside of the business school from time to time. I have found that classes I’ve taken such as Computer Science, Hungarian, and Vampires in Literature have all taught me a lot about various topics and forced me to think in ways differently than I do in my classes within the b school. I look forward to continuing on that path with this course this semester. Through Maps and Geovisualization I hope to learn how to properly interpret maps and also learn more about how they are created. I think these two skills are especially important now that technology is such a big part of our lives. Without realizing it, I probably use some type of mapping or other GIS technology everyday on my iPhone so it would be interesting to better understand the infrastructure behind those apps.  I would also like to learn how this type of technology is being used to benefit people all over the world. I think it would be so cool to work on a project using this technology to help a group of people in need or save the environment.  Or even use it to learn more about events in the past that provide meaningful insight to a certain period in time. It seems like GIS technology can be used in many situations that I have never thought about. I look forward to learning a lot about this topic and also taking a break from my b school-heavy schedule this semester.

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