Three Gorges Dam reservoir rising!

Reservoir to reach 175meters The world’s largest dam and hydropower generator, the Three Gorges located in Western China will reach its final height of 175m this month. The Three Gorges Dam was constructed in 1995 and finished in 2008. The International Rivers Network is an environmental and human rights organization that advocate and fight to protect rivers and the rights of communities and people’s livelihoods that depend on river systems. The International Rivers network reported that with the rise of the Three Gorges Dam reservoir, prospective dam developers should be aware of the environmental and social impacts of building and constructing dams. Countless environmental and social rights have been violated as a result of the Three Gorges Dam. The dam created a 600km long reservoir of the Yangtze River that has submerged over 1350 villages under water and will continue to displace over 500,000 people from the Yangtze Valley, 1.3 million have already been displaced and not fairly compensated. Humans are not the only ones affected, species of fish, birds, ancient artifacts, and ecosystems are altered and endangered. The region experiences frequent landslides, erosion, and earthquakes due to the volume and weight of the reservoir.