Introduction + Table of Contents

Welcome to my blog of one of the first classes I ever took in college! Here’s a little description about me, my project, and the bits and pieces contained in this blog. First of all, I am well known as a science person. Thus, my paper writing skills probably leave a little something to be desired. That being said, I did really enjoy this class and the yearlong project we completed. Coming into college, I never knew that I would be reading and discussing the Hunger Games and playing a video game for credit. I am incredibly glad that I was able to take this class and learn more about the philosophy and issues surrounding dystopia, revolution, and leadership. This class, and the yearlong project, taught me a lot about the society I live in as well as about the motivations that lead individuals or groups to make decisions about their personal leaders.

One of the main things I took away from this class was experience with college writing. Rereading my drafts and final versions from each of the stages, I was amazed by how much each of the papers changed as I gained more experience. The discussions we had in class as well as the readings, and video game playing, that we did on our own helped me immensely with learning how to think about prompts and pull out evidence to support my points. I definitely learned a lot from hearing how other people interpreted the books that I’d read multiple times (The Road and The Hunger Game). Also, reading 1984 for the first time in a discussion setting that was so interesting and engaging led me to enjoy the book even more than I would have just reading it on my own. Throughout all the projects and class discussions, I definitely became more comfortable with my writing. It progressed and became easier as the semester went on and I am extremely happy with how the final result of my project turned out.

My project for this semester focused mainly on the issue of helicopter parenting and its effects on the child. I used a few different sources ranging from first person accounts of dealing with helicopter parents, to parental psychology books, to research projects on the effects that helicopter parenting may have on the self esteem and mental health of children. What you will find here is the beginning and end of the process along with a few extras I found along the way. I hope you enjoy!

Table of Contents:

  • Drafts: Here is where the drafts of each stage reside as well as my peers comments on each of them and my responses to a few of them from each stage.
  • Final Versions: This page contains the final versions of each stage as well as my thoughts looking back on each of the stages.
  • Annotated Bibliography: This page contains my completely annotated bibliography.
  • Extras: This page contains some extras from each of the stages: research extras, thoughts about peer editing, and the topic and outline of my final stage project.