Literature Circle Project

Candidates will be assigned to a literature circle group. Before meeting formally, the group will divide their historical fiction book into three parts and write down the page numbers for each section. Group members will then read through the literature circle roles and determine roles they will take on at each meeting. Each member must take the role of Discussion Director at least once. The other roles are open for you to choose.

During group meetings in class, candidates will participate in the literature circle discussion. The first three meetings will focus on the historical fiction title, while the fourth meeting will focus on the nonfiction text. During their assigned week, groups will present their book set to the class.

Candidates will write a paper that reflects on the two texts, the pairing of fiction and nonfiction titles for instruction, and the overall literature circle experience.

Complete the following tasks in preparing your paper.

  • Participate in your literature circle for both the fiction and nonfiction text. Take on a role at each historical fiction session, including serving as discussion director at least one time.
  • Review the Guide for Selecting Anti-bias Children’s Books.
  • Review the information on historical fiction.
  • Use what you have learned in these two resources to guide your written summary and review of the historical fiction text. You do not need to answer specific questions, but rather keep the points in mind as you write a holistic review. (This should be about 2-3 pages in length.)
  • Review your notes on text structures and text features (from science).
  • Take an inventory of the nonfiction text and determine what text structures and text features it uses.
  • Use what you have learned to guide your written summary review of the nonfiction text. (This should be no more than 1-2 pages in length.)
  • Next, consider the two books together and describe your thoughts on how the pair could be used in an elementary classroom. Remember to provide appropriate SOLs for your ideas.
  • Finally, write a brief reflection on the literature circle experience and your thoughts about using this strategy in an elementary classroom.

When you turn in your literature circle materials you will submit:

  • Literature circle paper
  • Literature circle weekly discussion pages
  • Book talk notes (for your role in the group presentation)



Role Pages