Teaching Tolerance Free Workshop – March 23

On March 23, 2019 the University of Virginia’s Center for the Liberal Arts and Teaching Tolerance will offer a follow-up to last year’s program on Teaching the History of Race in America. The event will be free to all K-12 teachers, will be held at the University of Richmond, and will include participants from Teaching Tolerance, UVA’s Carter Woodson Institute, and historian Edward Ayers.

For an account of last year’s program, visit:

This year’s presentations will focus on classroom uses of Teaching Hard History, The Illusion of Progress, and American Panorama.

Click here to register.

2 thoughts to “Teaching Tolerance Free Workshop – March 23”

  1. Is this for practicing teachers only, or would it be appropriate for pre-service teachers as well?

    1. Registration does ask for school and teaching status. Let me contact them and I’ll find out. I certainly think it would be valuable for anyone preparing to teach.

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