Classroom Observation Analysis

For general information about your classroom observation and guidance regarding what to look for, please review the Classroom Observation Guidelines.

Once candidates have completed their observation hours, they will complete an observation analysis. This analysis should contain the following components.

Overview of School
Visit the School Report Card page at the Virginia Department of Education website at:
Select the school you are observing in and review the results. Determine demographic and SOL performance information about the school.
Write a one-paragraph summary of these data.

General Observation
Provide a general summary of your visits, describing the teacher, the students, and what you observed in the classroom.   Do not attempt to describe every detail of what you observed – instead offer general impressions regarding your visit.

Discussion (Optional)
IF your teacher has time to sit and have a conversation with you, discuss the following and write a brief summary of your discussion.

  • To what degree does the teacher rely on the standards when planning?
  • How much influence do concerns about Standards of Learning Assessments have on day-to-day planning and instruction.
  • Does the teacher feel that student behavior is an issue in the classroom? What is the biggest management challenge?
  • Does the teacher feel supported by their school administration and by parents?

Physical Environment
Provide a sketch or take photos (get permission first!) of the classroom.
Write one-paragraph that describes how the layout of the impacts instruction and/or classroom management.

Personal Reflections
Once you have completed your classroom visits, reflect on all that you saw. Describe the three most important things you learned from your visits.

Observation Record
Complete the Classroom Observation Form and have the teacher you observe initial the form. Turn in a PAPER COPY of the form.