X-tras: Bonus Material!

Let’s see, bonus material is a tough one. Typically I don’t¬†video tape¬†myself working on essay, or take artistic snapshots of my resource books, so I had to really think for what to include for this one. Here is what I found . . .

1) Emails with Bezio: A number of email exchanges with Professor Bezio. Because often I have questions, comments, or just straight up don’t know what the heck I am doing. She is a very helpful teacher and my meetings and emails with her really helped me work through my essays. I am not sucking up: this is just a true fact. Her suggestions always pointed me in the right direction.

2) My Commentary on FYS Paper Stage Two Draft: Sometimes I have really brilliant ideas AFTER writing my entire introductory paragraph. Oh, and a meeting with Professor Bezio didn’t hurt either. The random notes on this piece of the draft are things that I jotted down after thinking about my paper some more and meeting with Professor Bezio about how to continue. I struggled with how to organize Stage Two at the beginning, so this was essential for moving forward.

3) FYS Final Brainstorm: Intended to be the outline for Stage Three of my project, this piece ended up being much too vague to actually use as an outline. Still, it was really helpful in terms of collecting my thoughts on what I planned to do and getting the main ideas for my final project. I looked at it when I was trying to remember my ideas for the overall direction for my Stage Three, although I had to completely reorganize my actual outline (which is posted in the Stage Three part of this blog).


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