Works Cited

Here is my Works Cited, including eight annotated bibliography entries . . .

Works Cited 


I have never done an annotated bibliography before. Bibliography, yes. Annotated, no. That said, it was a fairly painless experience. It was nice to be able to have one due every couple of weeks, so that it wasn’t thrown at us all at once. This allowed me to pace myself both in finding my sources and in using them for research. Doing an annotated bibliography also made me more seriously consider the usefulness of each of my sources. If I couldn’t think of legitimate reasoning as to why I was including this book or article in my research process, perhaps it wasn’t as helpful as I thought. All in all, I think I used some quality sources. Definitely a lot more online articles than I am used to, since they have a lot of very helpful condensed information. Things to know for next semester!

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