Final – Stage Three

Here are the final drafts of my Stage Three essays . . .

FYS Paper Stage Three Creative

FYS Paper Stage Three Essay


It’s over! That wasn’t so bad . . . I definitely had to deal with monster paragraph syndrome again from my first draft to this final draft for the analytical part of my paper, but it isn’t like I haven’t crossed that bridge before. In this case, separation is key. Again, I had trouble combining my comparison of the original novel and my rewrite with the historical context that acted as a backdrop for both my rewrite and the program currently going on in China. There was SO MUCH to include. I don’t think that I melded all my information as smoothly as I would have liked to, but I gave it my best effort. I tried to link everything together as much as possible, while still keeping my argument strong. After writing a paper with so many layers, I fully believe that I can take on anything that college writing throws my way in the future!

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