Draft – Stage Three

Here are the first drafts of my Stage Three essay, complete with peer comments . . .

FYS Paper Stage Three Creative

FYS Paper Stage Three Essay


Well, this was an entirely new process for me. Not the creative writing part: I absolutely love creative writing and have been doing it on my own time for years. I enjoyed myself quite a bit rewriting The Hunger Games, trying to make Katniss’s voice sound believable while at the same time shifting the contextual conditions of the story. What was new was writing about my own writing. Bizarre stuff. I had a lot more difficult of a time than I had expected trying to explain what I was arguing in my creative writing piece. More difficult was trying to explain how this was different from what occurred in the original The Hunger Games. I knew that my rewrite was different (obviously), but it was a challenge to put into words and articulate the differences. Also, it was a challenge to add in the historical context. I felt like there were so many elements to this essay–my creative piece, the actual book, the historical context–that organization seemed like an impossible feat. A lot of writing the rough draft was figuring that out. I had the information, I just didn’t know how to best present it.

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