Stage 3

Topic: A rewrite of Suzanne Collins’s The Hunger Games in which The Hunger Games are utilized for population control. Instead of traditional birth control, as is currently being enforced in China, the Capitol is using “Death Control.”


1) Background on overpopulation

2) Background on why I used The Hunger Games

3) Inferiority in China

4) Inferiority in the rewrite

5) Unhappiness in China

6) Unhappiness in the rewrite

7) Social unrest in China

8) Social undrest in the rewrite

9) Conclusion on the idea of extreme satire to show the possibility of rebellion and chaos as a result of population control: A government policy pushed too far leads to mass dissatisfaction, which is the fuel necessary to light the fire of rebellion.


Stage Three was one of the most extensive projects that I have accomplished, since it included both a creative writing portion and an analytical piece. One piece of this stage was a creative writing piece, in which I rewrote The Hunger Games in the context of population control, so that children were fighting to the death in order to lower the population rather than just to keep the people submissive. I used Death Control instead of birth control in order to put population control in an extremely negative light. My argument in my analytical paper was then that population control creates feelings of inferiority, unhappiness, and tension within the population that is being controlled. This is highly negative, because a government should be protecting rather than hurting its people. In addition to this, such dissatisfaction with a government policy can often lead to rebellion, which is exactly what happens both in the original The Hunger Games and in my rewrite. Analyzing my own writing in a formal paper was something that was very new and different for me, but a process that definitely gave me stronger insight into how I write and what I can improve on.

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