Final – Stage Two

Here is the final draft of my Stage Two essay . . .

FYS Paper Stage Two


I think that this essay has got to be one of my greatest accomplishments of my freshman year of college. It starts with total confusion and ends with what I at least would consider to be a pretty dang good essay. After writing my rough draft on just Brave New World, I found things about the Chinese population control program that matched up with my argument focusing around Brave New World and paired each piece of my argument with a real world example. When I used pieces from my Stage One essay (which was extremely helpful), I made sure to explain these pieces more thoroughly than I had originally, working off of Professor┬áBezio’s critiques from last time. I really learned a lot from this process. Never before have I really considered the historical context of a novel or its importance to events in the real world. I think that writing this essay is going to make me a more curious and active reader.

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