Draft – Stage Two

Here is the first draft of my Stage Two essay, complete with peer comments . . .

FYS Paper Stage Two


Stage Two was a struggle, let me tell you. I’ve written English papers before. I’ve writtehn History papers before. But never have I combined the two. At first, I really had a hard time figuring out what to do in terms of organization and argument. I also wasn’t really sure how I was going to tie such a specific historical context such as China’s one-child policy into the storyline of a novel and have it actually make sense. Meeting with Professor Bezio was a lifesaver for this one. She helped me talk through my ideas and the book that I wanted to use (Brave New World) and come up with an argument that was both relevant and sophisticated. The rough draft here only includes my argument on Brave New World: only once I had that foundation did I incorporate in my information about China, trying to line up the facts to create a coherant argument.

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