Final – Stage One

Here is the final draft of my Stage One essay . . .

FYS Paper Stage One


First final draft complete! Time for a little celebration, I think. My writing consultant for this paper was definitely the most helpful writing consultant that I have had at UR. She was clear and direct with what she thought I should do to improve my paper, and so turning my rough draft into my final was not overwhelming at all. I broke up my paragraphs into more manageable chunks and tried to work my essay into more of an “argue, not tell” situation. I’d like to think that it was successful. From Professor Bezio’s comments, I learned that I should outline the trajectory of my argument in the introductory paragraph more thoroughly, advice that I took for my other two stages. I also became more comfortable with setting aside paragraphs purely for explanation and historical background before setting in on my argument. Definitely helped me organize and express what I had to say.

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