Draft – Stage One

Here is the first draft of my Stage One essay, complete with peer comments . . .

FYS Paper Stage One


Stage One was essentially writing a research paper, which I am very familiar with, but what made this project different was the fact that we were really being asked to argue something specific within the body of our essay. Making an argument was challenging: I personally am very against such direct government action as population control, and I think that the general population would agree with me (again, this is what I think), but articulately those points was sometimes difficult. In an essay like this, you can’t just say “Population control is obviously wrong.” You have to prove it. Meeting with a writing consultant was immensely helpful on this front. Biggest problem with my Stage One rough draft? Monster paragraphs. I had a lot of ideas that I should have separated out but didn’t, so thank goodness that this was only a draft.

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