Final Update

In this final update, I just wanted to confirm that our game is essentially in its final form. After doing some additional testing, I was still able to find a lot of minor flaws, hope you guys are finding a few as well.

The first thing that I fixed was a consistency issue in the Commons Bridge scene. Earlier, one of the conversations have you the option to draw a weapon, but you hadn’t necessarily picked any up at that point. Also, the monster had red skin in the story, which was definitely not what the picture showed.

Next, we had some issues with word choice in the library and Weinstein scenes, which weren’t too difficult to fix.

Also, we had a bunch of miscellaneous typos scattered throughout the game, which I did my best to cover.

Lastly, not all of the photos were put in where they should be. It was kind of a tedious process to mend this issue, since I had to create a character, add media, find the block of text that it’s supposed to be attached to, and then add the character as a speaker.

Overall, I’ve pretty much covered all the remaining issues.

Well, it’s been a good run. We’ve clocked plenty of hours on the development of VENOM, and I can say that I’m really happy with the way that things turned out! Thank you to everyone and all your hard work, it’s finally over!


Background Music

Just wanted to post an update to notify you guys that the background music is a no-go.  Unfortunately, the only way to add audio to a conversation is by adding media to a character, and you can only add one type of media. That means that we wouldn’t be able to add both a picture and a sound file unless we compiled both into a video, which would just take too long.

So, we won’t be having background music in our scenes, however, this doesn’t mean we’re not having any sound. There are still sound effects as well as an intro and a credits video, which should be sufficient in producing that “creepy” effect that we were looking for.

Test Doc 3_Final Views on the Game

We  have finally completed our game “Venom”. With all the new edits and updates in both media and content, the game seems to be more streamlined than it previously was.

The colored pictures and sound effects seemed to really bring the best in the game and add a far better experience. Thanks to Mark and Austin for the nice photo selection.

From the final few tests, it has been found that the game runs still smoothly and problems in Gotwald was finally fixed and few of the untied and unfinished parts of the game was finally added.

Some of the parts do need some minor corrections, like few prompts of the game like in the Crutcher section, but it is really minor.

Additionally, thankfully we could recover from the loss in the 11th hour and thanks to the team we finally survived and managed to rebuild the game again.

It really feels great that our game works and that we have  successfully managed to combine all our ideas together and make it happen. The game operates  smoothly.

Though it would be better if we could somehow manage to put a background

Lastly, Great Job Guys! We did it! Loved the teamwork! We are finally done with the Legendary “Venom”!


Problematic Situation

I just wanted to comment on a problem that we encountered last meeting during editing of different conversations. We nearly lost an entire scene of the game (all my fault). Accidents happen, and here’s one of the worst times one could occur. I ended up accidentally pressing a delete button on an entire plaque, causing it to disappear forever (sorry Eric!). Naturally, just as with any program, there’s an undo button. Or at least, you can just do a ctrl-z, and you’re back to where you were before. Well… not with Aris there isn’t! It was definitely one of the most stressful situations I’ve been in throughout the entire production of our game. Miraculously, I had saved an exported file of our game on our laptop while trying to figure out a fix to our infamous Gottwald bug, and I was able to copy the scene we had lost from our old game to our most recent copy. This situation ended up being just a bump in the road, and we were able to smoothly continue production of our game. Maybe that Gottwald bug was meant to be…

Our Game is Nearly Done

Tonight we entered our last meeting with the intent of finally finishing our game. I’m proud so say that we have achieved this!

Of course, there are a few things in the game that need to be edited in order to achieve maximum quality (especially grammar), but I’m really glad with the way that everything turned out.  We were able to have a really productive meeting and run through game tests several times.

I will be playing through the game a few times before class to notice any of the minor issues that still exist within the game. Just as Nadir mentioned, if you have an i-device, take a moment to play through the game a few times and either fix or mention any of the flaws that you encounter while playing. Our goal is to achieve maximum perfection.

The biggest focus last night was probably media. We managed to insert updated color photos (great job with that, Mark) and even added a credits video to the end of the game! I’m low-key jealous of future FYS students who will get to play our game 😉

Great job everyone, I’m truly proud of you all.

Test Document (11/30)

Today we conducted the final testing for our ARIS game. While doing initial testing, we found a lot of bugs and grammatical errors. The game seemed to really well for the most part. We did experience some issues along the way that prevented us from going to the next plaque, but we were able to successfully fix all of those issues.

Also, with the addition of media to the game, it has become a much more engaging experience than it was the last time we tested it. In the last tests, there were very few issues to take note of. The videos, audio, and pictures seem to trigger properly as well. Overall, there are still a few minor issues (grammar mostly), but we have a functioning, enjoyable game!

Good Job Everyone – Credits

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for working so hard.

Recap on how everyone contributed to our fantastic team in one post:

  • Austin – Lots of story elements and gluing together the game. Worked pretty much on everything.
  • Eric – Also helped Austin with the game by adding elements, conversations, etc.
  • Hassan – Our main man on the puzzles – went around figuring out and designing puzzles for the game. Also worked with storyline.
  • Nadir – Mainly worked on creating Lore items that explain the story of what happened, as well as integrating them into the game. Worked on some of the images and storyline as well.
  • Apurba – Took tons of pictures and worked on media. Media included photos, videos, and music/sound.
  • Mark – Worked with Apurba’s pictures (modifying them) and the storyline as well.
  • Nick – Helped out with finding places for puzzles with Hassan.

I want everyone to show of what they did, because everyone deserves recognition. Feel free to comment about other things you did that everyone may not know about.

Great work on this project, we couldn’t have done it without each and every one of us!!!

Test Doc 3

Luckily the game was backed up so Austin did a good job of rebuilding it again to the perviously save version. There were some small errors such as it mentioned a weapon when fighting the monster on the bridge, whereas in some scenarios we didnt get a weapon from gottwald. that was soon fixed.

Picures and audio were working well and created a good effect in the game.

Some of the puzzles were made more obvious by hints to suggest where the player can find the right option (though solving through elimination is still possible but not recommended to enjoy the game)

Rest everything is fine. Good job guys been a long night. We plan to add credits too so stay tuned!

Test Doc #3

Found the following while testing and fixed them with Austin and Hassan as I went through the game:

  • Jumping straight to Gottwald – if you died in the beginning, it would automatically jump the player straight to Gottwald without knowing what President Crutcher said or anything. Small flaw, but got it fixed pretty quick.
  • Item after Gottwald into attacking first monster – it is possible to get through Gottwald without finding any weapons, however, the scene with the beast on the bridge right afterwards references a weapon multiple times. Working on fixing that gap.
  • Ran into connecting problem for boss scene due to the deleting of the scene – because of the accidental delete of the final boss scene, I caught that it wouldn’t go to the scene because it wasn’t reconnected… That would have been bad.
  • We also decided at the end of the game to include credits to show who worked on the game (us) 🙂

TO DO: Tomorrow, if anyone has time before class, anyone can just go through the game and check the GRAMMAR because we have seen a couple mistakes and have been trying to fix them, however, we have skipped over some. If you have time, go through and make sure everything makes sense, continues to work and play properly, and is polished.

The end is near!!!

ARIS ARG Game Developer