NAP 4: Music

Here are the direct links (taken from ARIS editor) for each of the songs used in the game, in case anyone wants to listen to them again: Opening Battle Final win Overworld Library


I would like to congratulate each and every one of you for helping make “College is broken” into reality. Everyone played a huge part in developing the game and the collective cooperation among us is what led us to this day. At last, we can finally enjoy ourselves and test the other game.

Congratulations, We Did it! (NAP 5)

I did one final run-through of the game to confirm our game is ready for the 1:30 deadline.

No glitches, everything is working sound.

Hunter’s picture at the Jepson School of Leadership is uploaded and working correctly. This was the only fix required after yesterday’s testing.

I completed the game in two sessions–to ensure the “resume” function is working. And, it works well. My second session picked up right where the first one left off.

Our game is complete and ready to be published. We should be proud of ourselves.

At this point, I would like to thank each and every one of you. We worked well as a team, and we did not point fingers when we were crunched for time. Rather, we pulled together as a team, and that certainly reflects itself in the final product.

We did it. I am very excited to see what the other team thinks of “College Is Broken.”

In The End…

Now that the game has been tested and fully accounted for and given the green light, I would first like to point out that I think we all worked together amazingly well as a team and did a brilliant job!

After fully testing the game this evening, I am very pleased the way everything looks. The soundtrack is perfect and the tracks chosen complement the atmosphere we wanted to achieve. The pictures of each of the team members along with each signature ‘power pose’ is also an element which adds on to the game play! Overall, the game has no glitches, no unexpected shut downs and the ending is in a way evil but I adds a certain twist nonetheless.

On reflecting, just as Michael said, we all did have very very contrasting ideas but seeing a little of each one’s idea into this one big project is a very pleasing experience. The game is a little different than I originally envisioned especially content wise, but I must admit this version seems to be better than what I thought up. Further, our game has turned out to be even better than I expected it to be using the ARIS editor.

Overall, we have a great game and I believe we all owe each other equal credit as without the team effort we had, the game wouldn’t be as great as it turned out to be.


After finally finishing College is Broken, I was very pleased with the outcome. As a team, we did fantastic and worked together well. I have a few questions that I would like everyone to reflect on, though. After looking back over our initial posts, I noticed many differences in our original ideas to what we came up with. Throughout the process, our original ideas morphed into what we came up with. My question to you is are you satisfied with how the game turned out? Even though it is different from the first ideas, did it meet or exceed your expectations for an ARIS game (created by students) or did you want something different or find it lacking in any way? I know I was very pleased with the turnout, but I do have to admit it is not what I originally expected. Even so, I am very proud to be part of team Arachnid and I look forward to a new set of testers to experience what we created.

The End

As of 5:30 pm on November 29, 2016, College is Broken is officialy finished and published! All photos are in; all music is in; all textbooks are written; all of the dialogue has been crafted, all locations work spectacularly. The game is finished. Go out and play it!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for your hard work in making this game a reality. Each of you played a crucial role to the game’s development, and I can thank you enough for your patience and your help. The game is a success, and I can’t wait to see what the other group thinks.

As we conclude this monumental project, reflect on the time and effort spent on the project. Did the game come out as you intended? Would you have rather had something different happen in game? How do you feel the group worked together, and did every group member play their part effectively? These are the important questions that need answering as we review one another.

Again, thank you for your hard work. Thank you for letting this story come to life.

College Is Fixed & A lot of Walking (NAP 4)

I just played through our entire game. Took me about 50 minutes total.

First thing is first, no glitches. That is huge. Any person now has the ability to complete the game by his/herself.

***I made sure to answer a question incorrectly at each battle to ensure there were no possible glitches.


A few things I noticed that were of importance:

The player automatically receives all the textbooks at the library. I think this is a great addition as it makes it easier on the gamer.

Secondly, the music begins once the gamer completes the opening scene. Throughout the entire game I had no problems with the music.

Lastly, if the gamer misses the last question at the Queally Center, he or she must start over. I think this is great, but I just want to ensure that we all agree on this.

If we need to meet tonight we can, to polish anything up.

That is all for now.

We should be very proud of ourselves.

Non Assignment Post: Final Version

After meeting for the final time, the game was complete and ready to go. The test showed no issues and team members were ready to submit the project. Last minute, however, the idea came up that instead of playing the game stationary, the game should require the player to move to each new location. The argument for this change was that it probably would not cause any more problems in the game and that not using locations ruins the point of an ARIS game. Each quest in College is Broken takes on a different location on campus, so it would make sense to have the player walk to each location. On the other side, a majority of the team argued that since the game is already finished, there is no need to complicate things that could potentially harm the game, but where is the fun in that? Even though a majority of the team voted against adding location into the game, I went ahead and tested the game with locations on, and it worked. The game will be turned in with locations included, despite opposition from most of the group. This will male the game more captivating for the player, since he or she will have to take the time to move to all seven locations.

Another change that was added to the game was the final question. This question acts a little like the ending in bioshock, where the player has a good ending, or a really bad ending. This gives the game an RPG type feeling, even though it is fairly rail based (like Bioshock). The game also now includes music that makes the game fun to listen to. It will help the player stay motivated to walk around the entire University of Richmond campus since the music is very adventurous. I can’t wait for team Venom to play College is Broken, and I look forward to playing their game as well.

OK Now College is Fixed or Real: Test doc 5

Recently, we decided (more or less as a team) to change the game from being able to be played stationary to adding locations in. While this shouldn’t create many problems, if any at all, only one problem arose, and that was the locations of the Business school and law school overlapped. This made it possible for the player to play both scenarios without moving. Once the location of the Business school us shrunk, the game should be flawless. College is Broken is fixed and ready to play.

JK College Wasn’t Actually Fixed: Test Doc 4

Initially, I though College is Broken was fixed. After another test run, I have found a few more issues. First off, the locations of each event cover up the quest, making it difficult to begin each quest without accidently clicking on the location. Furthermore, tall of the books are not possible to access without signing into google docs and having them shared. These books need to have public access. Once the battles start, almost all looks good except for one minor blip. Dr. Evans doesn’t have a face!  Once these are fixed, the game should work properly. The last question to answer is whether or not to add locations in the game. So far, the tests have been successful without locations, but I think locations could make the game more interesting to play. There will be more updates to come in the future.