Proposal for Final Project

Due: Thursday, April 9 @ 10 AM on Blackboard


Due to the new circumstances we now find ourselves in with distance learning, I have designed new guidelines for your  final project. You will work collaboratively to create one final group dance-on-video project. Using the dance films Exquisite Corps and Globe Trot (50 filmmakers, 23 countries, 1 dance), as a springboard, you will: 1)  work as a group to identify a common concept and choreographic methodology; 2) create individual videos of your section(s); 3) edit the videos to link them together. We will discuss options for how to best go about editing the final piece. In lieu of a public performance at the end of the semester, we will share this video online to our campus community and beyond. 

As you begin to think about possible concept / theme / format for the final project, build on the experiences you have had in this course both before and after remote learning began. In particular, you can draw from: 

  1. Trio Choreography Mini-Class Dance Making Methodology and Collective Phrase
  2. Dance in Small Spaces
  3. Dance in Times of isolation

What other experiences come to mind as resources or reference for your final project?

For your proposal consider the following broad questions:

  • Do you want to create independent pieces that are connected conceptually and through editing, inspired by the format of Exquisite Corps and Dance in Small Spaces?
  • Do you want to create shared concept and movement vocabulary that is performed in different locations, inspired by the format of Globe Trot (50 filmmakers, 23 countries, 1 dance) and Dance in Times of Isolation?
  • Do you want to choreograph individually or collectively using the methodology of Trio Choreography Mini-Class Dance Making Methodology and Collective Phrase?
  • Is it a combination of different methodologies? What do they allow you to do?
  • How do our immediate circumstances of living under the challenges of COVI-19, social distance and quarantine inform your work?
  • How do you understand the purpose and role of dance under these new circumstances and what do you want to communicate / share with your audience? There could be many different answers to this question… what interests you? 
  • Who is your audience?

As you continue to work collectively other questions will become more pertinent, but you can begin to think about them now:

  • What locations will be of interest and why?
  • Is there a narrative (literal or abstract) that you are trying to convey?
  • What is the gaze of the camera?
  • What are you wearing and why?
  • What are the movement material and movement qualities that characterizes this work?
  • Are you using music, silence, both…why?
  • What is the beginning / middle / end

What else do you think is important to consider for your proposal?

We will discuss your ideas in class on Thursday and come up with a plan collectively.