Video Assignment Really??? How Student Created Media Enhances Learning

Video Assignments Really??? How Student Created Media Enhances Learning Mar 27th 12 – 1PM International Commons Faculty have been assigning students video or multimedia projects for years at the University of Richmond. Hear from Dr. Mavis Brown (Education) and Dr. Dana Lascu (Business Marketing) who have seen the benefits for their students first hand. If … [Read more…]

Photo Placement in iMovie

By default photos in iMovie have a slight swish to them thanks to the Ken Burns effect, named after the documentarian Ken Burns who made the effect famous in his Civil War Series. The effect should not be used on every single photo.  It detracts from the meaning of your piece.  But unfortunately the automatic … [Read more…]

Spring 2018 Pizza and Pedagogy Events

Gen Z Reading Group Panel Wednesday January 31st  12-1PM International Commons The current generation of students sitting in our classroom, Gen Z, has specific traits that could have an impact on the classroom. Gen Z is defined as individuals born between 1995 and 2012 and are different than their millennial counterparts. A panel of faculty, who participated in … [Read more…]

Fall 2017 Pizza and Pedagogy Events

How Teaching Empathy Changes the Class  Thursday September 21st 12PM – 1PMBoatwright Room 311 Visiting Lecturer Frederick Talbott will explore how key historic figures here and one international news story prompted The Empathy Project, and share a new direction in teaching, learning, and leading–one you can apply to your own classes, teams, and lives. Last year, … [Read more…]

UR TechVision 2015

A faculty learning conference hosted by the Center for Teaching, Learning & Technology at the University of Richmond.  This year’s focus is on student engagement and how technology has been integrated in the classroom.  Faculty will discuss Digital Media, Mobile Uses, Drones in Higher Education, and the Flipped Classroom.  To learn more and register, visit URtechvision

The Parking Lot Project

I had the opportunity to work with Erling Svjold and Elizabeth Schlatter on their class project, entitled The Parking Lot Project. In fall 2014 iPads were issued to the class, a video camera and a still camera were mounted on a the side of a building to document the year long project.  It was a project that … [Read more…]

Digital Storytelling with the Valentine Museum

I had the pleasure of seeing Nicole Maurantonio’s final class projects in April from her spring course, Memory and Memorializing in the City of Richmond. The students used the Tehnology Learning Center Resources by recording their narratives in one of our av sound rooms.  More of their projects can be found on learndst. “Taking the city of … [Read more…]