21 Mar

What are your thoughts, feelings, opinions about “Bamboozled”? Do you understand what Spike Lee was trying to say with this film? Look up reviews of the film and respond to some of the critiques?

4 Replies to “BAMBOOZLED

  1. The movie Bamboozled did a great job at showing be the audience what many white americans think about black people in our society. AI think that it is a shame that the only TV shows that that have African Americans in this era have black people playing the role of the accomplice or the comedic fat black man or women that is just there to be funny. Also the media has a way of showing black people to be lazy, gangsters, rapers or athletes. I think this movie is very controversial because it attacked the race issue head on and that may and should make many people uncomfortable. In our day and age we hate to be uncomfortable however nothing worth doing is going to come easy and the more people talk about our past is going to have a better change for our future.

  2. My feelings about the movie Bamboozled it was uncomfortable to watch, but I think Spike Lee’s purpose of this movie was to make people get out of their comfort zone and see how white America view black people. The movie from start to finish was very direct with blackface being displayed as a source of entertainment which is produced and starred by black people in the film. The blackface show gives a lead way for white people embracing the observations of the black culture as a joke because most of the audience is white people and I think the audience was becoming more comfortable within the show because at one point the white audience would be in blackface themselves while watching the show making a mockery of the black culture.

  3. The movie did a good job of emphasizing the fact that white america is still around. What I mean by this is that there is still the racial overtones that have plagued us since slavery was first introduced. Spike Lee also introduced us to some newer things such as Michael Rapports character being more black than Pierre because he has a black wife and he is from the hood. This is a generational stigma because now interracial marriages are more common. One of the main critiques in the movie was the fact of how graphic the movie was. The issue with that is, though some of the movie is exaggerated the things that transpire in the movie are not made up. There are white people who love to say the “N-word” because they have a black friend or a black significant other. There is also the stereotypical black TV, the kid who just wants to make it out of the hood, or the kid who is only in a gang because that is all he knows but deep inside he is a talented musician. This movie was great because it exaggerates real life scenarios and actions of people.

  4. I believe spike lee brought forth the very explicit and in your face way of showing society that racism is still heavily involved still in American culture. Showing the brutal reality that many people miss in society about racism and the acceptance of racism.

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