13 Feb

I agree that like the article said when people are getting in trouble for their usage of blackface the biggest defense is that they were young or that it was a different time. But this different time was not a good time in our history yet it is continually brought up and used to justify these racist actions. There is no justification because it is literally a racist act being committed. This intransigence comes from the fact that America has defended racists before so why not continue. We continue to justify racism because racism is very prominent now. It has not left our rear view mirrors as a country and continues to be an issue because of insensitive acts like this by people in power.

One Reply to “Blackface”

  1. I strongly agree with what Nile brought up on the topic of interest convergence. One line from the article goes “other incidents further undermine the claim that blackface is just a relic of a past, more racist America.” I believe racism has not changed since the past and honestly never will progress to a more equal society. I find it interesting that so many politicians are coming out and confessing to taking part of this action. I think it kind of goes to show that some of these politicians are here to continue and try to dehumanize black people by way of policy and law.

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