One Reply to “Blackface”

  1. This article is very interesting especially with the new wake of various government officials being outed with pictures of blackface. With that being said, I believe that this issue falls strongly under the topic of interest convergence. Interest convergence is when the majority (white population) only does something that benefits a minority when it also benefits the majority. The issue of making blackface illegal is that it does not benefit the majority. Many white people believe that there is nothing wrong with blackface and that it is just a way to have fun. The practice of blackface is a practice that is inherently and historically racist which was created by the white man. Proper repercussions are not being enforced on to those who still have been seen participating in the practice, especially in the case of government officials. Governor Northam, who admitted to being pictured in blackface, has not received any punishment other than verbal scolding. He was not asked to step down from his position as Virginia Governor (not to mention that Virginia is home to the former capital of the Confederate States of America). It is eveident that there is still a lot of racism in the state of Virginia.

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